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VerifyIMI allows you to view and manage your medical record right here right now.

VerifyIMI is a Fully Interactive Electronic Decision, Support and Documentation System to Track, Verify & Guide Successful Births and is designed to Eliminate Risk for the Physician and the Patient...more

VerifyIMI is the only product that interprets commercial laboratory data and alerts the clinician to abnormal values and makes suggestions as to appropriate actions to take. If a clinician, or a commercial laboratory, misses an abnormal laboratory result, VerifyIMI does not.

VerifyIMI is the only Interactive Medical Intelligence (IMI) utility that was developed by obstetricians for obstetricians. Its unique, algorithmically-driven approach allows clinicians to focus on patient management issues. This achieves and enhances optimal patient outcomes.

This site is designed for obstetrics patients. It allows patients to:

  • Access their medical record online
  • View their laboratory results
  • Update their medical records
  • View and pay their medical bills (coming soon)
  • Check their appointments (coming soon)
  • Provide and/or update their demographics information

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